Jan Ashley’s Net Worth, Age, Husband, Family & Biography

Jan Ashley
Jan Ashley

Jan Ashley Net Worth

$22 Million

Jan Ashley Age

73 Year old

Jan Ashley Wiki/Biography

Ashley is born in the United States in 1949. Jan is age 73 in January 2023. Because Ashley’s exact date of birth is not known We don’t know when she will celebrate her birthday. Her birth date is also not known.

Jan was an American citizen. United States of America. She was a follower of the ideological and religious way of life of the religion – Christianity. Jan’s academic history is similar to this. She was a student at an elementary school in the area from where she got her first education.


Jan Ashley

Full Name

Jan Ashley Kardashian

Net Worth

$22 Million

Date of Birth – Date of Dealth

January 01 1949 – January 20 2022

Birth Place

Kansas, United States of America


73 Years old


5 feet 9inch


49kg (approx.)





Home Town


Currently Live In




Television Personality and a Celebrity Wife

School/High School

Local Elementary School in United States


Local College in United States

Education Qualification


When she completed her primary school education and decided to pursue her studies at an elementary school in the area. Ashley had completed her middle school education and then decided to into the local high school. Ashley finished her graduation ceremony from High School. She decided to have her advanced studies completed at a local institution.

Body Measurements

Jan is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 49 kg. Her striking highlights include dark brunette hair and eyes that are dark brown and a charming smile.

Jan Ashley’s Family & Relationship

In the beginning, Ashley was born into an incredibly loving, caring, and loving family.
Jan is frequently thought of as Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife. Even though Ashley was only engaged to Robert Kardashian for a brief time. Ashley married Kardashian in 1998 in Colorado on 25 November.

Ashley had a hard time avoiding him for a prolonged period after only being with Robert for seven months. Jan decided to marry Robert. The wedding didn’t last for long and ended with a divorce within a short period of time. There is no information available about Jan as well as Robert’s separation. Asley however, in contrast, is not sharing any children with Robert.

Jan Ashley with Robert Kardashian
Jan Ashley with Robert Kardashian

In addition, Asley is not Robert’s first wife. The name of his first wife was Kris and she was known as a TV star. His first wife was there were three daughters with one boy. In the same way, Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kim Kardashian, as well as Robert Kardashian Jr., are the names of his children.

Jan was previously married to a popular musician and singer known as John Ashley before marrying Kardashian. True to his word, John died in 1997 due to an attack on his heart. Ashley’s biological kids with and her husband are not known.


Jan who is from Kansas City, led a regular and normal life for the rest of her life until she was married to the billionaire businessman Robert Kardashian who was the director of Movie Tune and co-founder of Radio & Records.

The couple was infamously tied for just 30 days to Robert. In the meantime, she garnered sufficient media attention and public exposure that later helped her net worth as well as increased her income.


Jan Ashley also known as Jan Ashley Kardashian, was a famous American TV host and celebrity spouse. At the time of her death in 2022, Ashley’s wealth was estimated at $ 22 million (last estimated prior to her demise). She made her money through her TV show and also through the status of a sought-after celebrity spouse.

The actress also made a substantial amount of money through endorsements for brands as well as social media-related promotions as well as other side hustles. The most notable thing about her is having been married for a time to businessman, and former husband of no less than Kris Jenner, Robert Kardashian. She passed away on January 20, 2022, aged 73.

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