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Photo's DD Osama also known as David Reyes
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DD Osama Net Worth

$0.5 Million

DD Osama Age

17 Year old

DD Osama Wiki/Biography

DD Osama also known as David Reyes, is an American rapper, hip-hop performer and social media influencer. As of 2023, David Osama’s net worth stood at $0.5 million. The net worth he has built was accumulated by releasing video music on YouTube. Few of his popular songs are “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s” more than a million people have watched his music videos on YouTube.

Born on 29th November, 2006. DD Osama’s age is 17 years old now. Born and raised in Harlem, New York. Osama was born into a large family within Harlem, New York. His father was not element of his life since his parents chose to go on different paths once the child was born.

Childhood Photo of David Reyes

DD Osama along with his sisters and brothers enrolled as students at Harlem elementary school for their first school year. The hip-hop superstar’s age is just beginning to catch up.

More than 452k subscriber on YouTube and has more than 64 million views in 2022.


DD Osama

Full Name

David Reyes

Net Worth

$0.5 Million

Date of Birth

November 29 2006

Birth Place

Harlem, New York


17 Years old


5 feet 3inch


50kg (approx.)





Home Town

Harlem, New York, USA

Currently Live In

Harlem, New York, USA


Song: Peter Pan (2022)


Rapper, Hip-Hop Musician, and Influencer

School/High School

Harlem Primary School, New York


Education Qualification

Pursuing High School

DD Osama is a famous musician and rapper who hails from his native United States. DD Osama has made his name as one of the most young talented rappers during his short time in the industry too. His fans have adored his songs such as Without You, Eternal, Once You Go, etc. When he released his first music video professionally in the year 2022, he made his name and recognition.

Osama continues to make progress each day in the hip-hop world. The rapper and his twin brother Ethan Reyes, set up the company for a brief period of time at the residence of their grandmother in order to begin their careers. He was recently featured on the show “PARTY IN THE USA” as the guest singer.

DD Osama’s Family & Relationship

The father of DD Osama’s is. Mr. Osama (name is unknown) who is businessman by profession. His mom’s name is Mrs. Crimsley Martinez. He has a very close relationship with his mother because she provided him with the best life that she could have. Additionally, even though his parents split the stepdad of DD Osama’s was able to show him the love he needed without letting him feel isolated.

DD Osama with his brothers

He grew up in his home with one younger sibling and three adults. While the other three focus on their careers in rap and one of them wants to become model. The years before DD Osama was born his mother worked as the estate agents. The younger brother of DD Osama, Ethan Reyes also referred to as Notti Osama, died on the 9th of July, 2022.

DD Osama Net Worth Details

Hip-hop and rap musician DD Osama is profiting from his career in music. His estimated worth of DD Osama is half a million dollars in 2022.

The rapper has over 452k subscribers, 64 million viewers on his YouTube channel as well as 897k Followers who follow the account on Instagram account, which is adding funds in his wealth.

Information about DD Osama’s musical career

DD Osama and his brother Notti Sugarhill Ddot penned the popular track “Too Too Tact” that was released.

Osama composed the track “Dead Opps” in honor of his brother Notti shortly after Notti passed away, and it helped in the growth in his career. The song was extremely popular and received more than 12 million hits on YouTube.

From the moment it was released, Osama shown his prowess and determination to achieve his goals. The tracks “Without You,” “Dead Opps,”” as well and “40s N9s” are among his most popular songs.

While he’s only 15 years old and still an international celebrity with more than 100,000 Instagram followers. He should be acknowledged for his talent and singing ability and is sure to become a huge success in the next few years.

DD Osama Lil Durk
DD Osama Lil Durk

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DD Osama's Song Lil Durk
DD Osama’s Song Lil Durk

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Body Measurements

DD Osama is very good-looking and has a stunning personality. The rapper is of moderate height and weight.

There aren’t any official reports that confirm his height or weight. In addition, when it comes to the total body size the ranges of numbers have not been disclosed as of yet. The color of his eyes is black and he also has hair that is black.


What is DD Osama real name?

DD Osama real name is David Reyes.

What Is DD Osama Brother Name?

DD Osama brother name is Ethan Reyes.

What is DD Osama’s Height And Weight?

DD Osama’s height is 5 feet 3 inches And his weight is 50 Kg.

What is DD Osama’s Networth?

DD Osama’s net worth is $0.5 Million.

What Is DD Osama’s Debut Song?

DD Osama’s debut song is Peter Pan.

DD Osama Social’s Accounts

Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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