Aman Dhattarwal’s Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family & Biography

Aman Dhattarwal
Aman Dhattarwal

Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth

Rs. 1.5 Crore

Aman Dhattarwal Age

25 Year old

Aman Dhattarwal Wiki/Biography

Aman Dhattarwal is among India’s most well-known teachers, motivational speakers as well as entrepreneurs, career counselors, and YouTubers. He was born on the 22nd of September 1998, to the Marwari family from Alwar, Rajasthan, India.

aman dhattarwal Childhood Photos
Aman Dhattarwal Childhood Photos

In 2023, he’s years old. His father is an employee of the government as is his mother, a domestic worker. His medical and engineering examination-based tutorial videos available on Youtube along with Unacadmy have helped him earn an impressive amount of online recognition.

Aman Dhattarwal started making YouTube video tutorials in the month of July of 2015 just after he enrolled in Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT) to pursue a B.Tech degree in Information Technology (IT). He was among the first instructors in India to begin making instructional videos for YouTube for no cost. He has more than 8 YouTube channels and nearly 7 million users.


Aman Dhattarwal

Full Name


Net Worth

Rs. 1.5 Crore

Date of Birth

March 04 1997

Birth Place

Alwar, Rajasthan, India


25 Years old


5 feet 11inch


72kg (approx.)





Home Town

New Delhi, India

Currently Live In

R.K. Puram, Sector-12, New Delhi-110022



Youtuber Influencer Motivational Speaker Real Estate Educators

School/High School

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj 10th
Delhi Public School – R. K. Puram 12th


Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Education Qualification


Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian educator and YouTuber, entrepreneur, public speaker, and social media celebrity. He is famous for his YouTube channel, where there are educational and motivational videos.

The channel has all kinds of educational content like classes 12 JEE and many more.

Body Measurements

Aman Dhattarwal’s age is 25 as of 2023. Their height of his is 5’11” and the weight of his body is 72 kilograms roughly.

aman dhattarwal Pic
aman dhattarwal Pic

He has dark eyes and blonde hair that is light brown. He wears a size 9 shoe (US).

Aman Dhattarwal’s Family & Relationship

The father, his parents, and his mother’s name Is Santosh Dhattarwal, however, his mom is a YouTuber who has a cooking channel called Apna Zayka. He is a brother to a younger one known as Tanishq Dhattarwal.

aman dhattarwal With His Mother
aman dhattarwal With His Mother

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Aman Dhattarwal is currently unmarried. In a recent talk show at LPU(Lovely Professional University) Punjab, he proposed to Shraddha Khapra in a very romantic way and announced their engagement date as February 21, 2023. After announcing the date, Aman Dhattarwal and Shraddha Khapra cut a cake and celebrated their happiness.

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Shraddha Khapra has quit her job at Microsoft and now works with Aman Dhattarwal as a co-founder of ‘Apni Kaksha’ and ‘Apna College’.

Shraddha Khapra Wiki/Biography

Shradha Khapra is an instructor of Coding and also an educator. Shradha Khapra Is the Fiance of Aman Dhattarwal. She is the ideal example from “Beauty With Brains” and is well-known for her unique tutorials on programming that help to clarify the topic. She is a Microsoft employee. Shradha Khapra age 23 in 2023 she was the first engineer to be employed in her hometown. Was the very first engineer in her hometown. She was raised in a tiny village in Haryana. Because there were no quality schools in the area she moved to Delhi to complete her primary education.

Her studies were completed between 2006 and 2017 within the “Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidhalaya.” She was awarded a 10-. CGPA for class 12 (94.4 percent). She received her 8.8 Engineering grade from Netaji Subhas Technology Institute (NSIT) after she completed their studies in the area of computer engineering 2017 between 2017 and 2021. Over the course of three months, she worked as an engineer in the software department at Microsoft.

The most important thing to mention about Microsoft is the incredible workplace environment, and everybody ought to be able to feel it. After that, she was granted an internship of one month as a research student at DRDO. She was subsequently hired by Microsoft for the position of engineer to work on software in Hyderabad, Telangana in July 2021 for five months. She was co-founder of Apna College and introduced their Coding classes.

Information about Aman Dhattarwal’s career

He began his career with the creation of an unofficial YouTube channel on the 11th of December, 2014. He started uploading videos on the 7th of July, 2015. His most popular videos are usually educational tips that can assist students to score higher in their board exams. At the end of February, he acquired his first 1 million subscribers.

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Then, he started expanding his channel with videos about job opportunities such as JEE, civil service, etc. Because his videos have helped people to score higher on exams, he began to get more subscribers. At present, he has more than 3 million subscribers, with 171 million views.

In addition, he has three YouTube channels. One of them is Apni Kaksha which was started in April 2018. Another educational channel run by Aman. He uploads video content related to the class 12 solution of all disciplines, JEE, Python, Java, and many more. At present, the channel has 900k subscribers, with 52 million views in total.

aman dhattarwal youtuber
aman dhattarwal youtuber

The third channel he has is called Apna College. Aman began this channel in August 2020. Aman focuses on reviewing the top Indian colleges. In addition, he has recently started web development classes through the channel. The track currently has over 400k subscribers, with 15 million views in total. The medium he was on before is Aman Bhaiya Vlogs. The channel is exclusive to Vlogs. He began the track in the year 2020 and has uploaded just 6 videos as of now.

Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth Details

He is a multi-millionaire with more than one income stream, but the primary source of his income sources is education. With his knowledge as an educator, he has six YouTube channels, which include Aman Dhattarwal, Apni Kaksha, Apna College, Hustlers Bay, Apna Zayka, and Apni Kaksha for classes 9th and 10th.

The income he earns from his YouTube channels via AdSense (a platform for monetization for YouTubers and bloggers) is about 1.5 Crore Indian rupees.

It isn’t a set amount due to the fact that Youtube earnings are contingent on advertisements and the type of advertisement is based on the number of views as well as the viewer’s type of view. Therefore, the figures may change according to the category of the viewer.

Aman Dhattarwal Social’s Accounts

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


Who Is Aman Dhattarwal?

He Is a Youtuber Influencer Motivational Speaker Real Estate Educators.

How Old Is Aman Dhattarwal?

He Is 25 Years Old.

Who Is aman dhattarwal wife?

Aman Is Currently Engaged With Shrdhdha khapra.

What Is Shraddha Khapra Age?

Shraddha Khapra Is 23 Years old.

How Much Networth Of Aman Dhattarwal?

His Networth is 1.5 Crore.

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